Nick and Aya Travel to Argentina

Fun & educational book about traveling through the eyes of children!


My daughters and I enjoyed the opportunity to follow this family on a journey in Argentina. The book gives the reader a fun glimpse into their trip, but also includes educational content about the area. In story form, the reader learns about the capital, places of interest, the flag, local plants, traditional food and more! The illustrations really help to show how this story is written through the eyes of children and makes it feel like the reader is reading a family's real travel journal! I can't wait to see what the rest of the series brings!

Great to read with four year old grandson


After spending a little time in Argentina myself, I wanted to share the experience with grandsons. What a great read - spent some time with my four year old grandson, and the book raised many questions. "Why do they have gauchos instead of cowboys?" Of course he now wants to fish the Corcovado River (me too). He now knows what mate' is, and while he's not a fan he also learned what an "acquired taste" is. So it piqued his curiosity, which I think is exactly the point. Thanks Khadizhat for the great book! I wonder where Nick and Aya will travel to next? Hmmm....

Fun and Informative

S. Wright

We enjoyed reading this book to our 4 year old daughter. The images/drawings got her attention pretty quick. She was excited to discover about gauchos, glacier , mate tea etc. This is a good, informative book to introduce kids to Argentina and South America. The hand drawn illustration is very calm and kid friendly. Since reading the book , she tells everyone " do you know about gourd tea ? ". I think any time you remember and take something new out of a book, that is a BIG plus. To sum up it , this is a great children's travel book full of facts and fun illustration. We look forward to see more from this series to include other destinations. Highly Recommended !

Great book!


I've been trying to find a book about Argentina but for kids. I saw this in a Facebook post and looked it up. I must say the pictures in this book are simple and so beautiful. I love how these two kids travel around Argentina and point out historical and fun stuff from this country. Highly recommend it. I'm getting it again, Christmas is coming.

Love this book for kids!

Debra L.

Unique, educational, and inspires further learning about the country and it's culture. Looking forward to the next books from this author!

Into to a new country!


Great drawings and interesting narrative for kids!

Easy read and fun for kids!

Amazon Customer

Very entertaining and easy to read.. Great for kids 5-10 yo in my opinion !

Let's go to Argentina!


Khadizhat's book is engaging and informative, a fun read for children of all ages. I look forward to reading her next and also sharing it with my nieces ages 3 and 5.

Excellent book for kids

Shelly Dua

awesome book. Bought it for our 4 year old before we traveled to Argentina and he still points out all the sites he saw in the book. very relatable!

Nick and Aya Travel to Russia

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Nick y Aya viajan a Argentina

Libro dinámico, sencillo, divertido y apto para los más pequeños


Quería que mis sobrinos conocieran otros lugares del mundo a la vez que tuvieran gusto por la lectura. Este cuento les ha ayudado a aprender sobre Argentina y han disfrutado de los paisajes y lugares emblemáticos. Sin duda un acierto y estoy deseando que se publiquen más libros de la colección, mis sobrinos quieren saber a dónde van a ir Nick y Aya en el próximo viaje. Totalmente recomendable

Libro que señala lo más importante de Argentina


Es un libro recomendable para que los niños conozcan realidades diferentes. En él se refleja lo más característico de Argentina, por lo que es ideal para despertar su interés por éste país. Describe con mucho detalle todo lo que podemos esperar encontrarnos allí.

La letra es grande, por lo que su lectura es fácil.

El formato es cuadrado, lo que facilita su agarre por niños más pequeños y lo hace más atractivo que el típico libro estándar rectangular.