About Nick and Aya

Nick and Aya were born in the United States to parents who are used to traveling the world and exploring different countries. Nick is ten years old and his sister Aya is four. They live in California, where Nick goes to school and his father George works for an environmental organization. Their mother Kate works part-time from home. It gives her the flexibility to travel for family vacations or whenever her husband goes on an assignment to another country or state. Nick likes fishing and learning words in different languages. Aya likes drawing, painting, gymnastics and swimming. What are your hobbies? Tell us about your favorite activities in “Additional Comments” of the form on Are You In? page. You might win a free book!

About the Author

Khadizhat was born in Saint-Petersburg and raised in Tatarstan Republic in Russia, where she developed an appreciation for different cultures and languages from childhood. At the age of 18 she moved as a student to the United States and graduated from the University of Southern California with a major in International Relations. Additionally, she has lived in Spain and Hong Kong and has traveled the world for school, business and volunteering purposes. In 2016 she became a mother and continued exploring the world together with her husband Justin and their little daughter Aya. It was during the family’s stay in Argentina and observation of her toddler’s genuine curiosity and interaction with new environments that she decided to write a series of books about travel to different countries and cultures as seen through the eyes of children.